Tom Baker Family Tree -- To Date

Photographs and Memories


John Stewart Baker, SAILOR -- Tom's FATHER

Mary Jane Fleming -- Tom's MOTHER and a friend

Louisa Fleming -- Tom's Aunt on left with unknown friend.

John Stewart Baker and Mary Jane (nee Fleming) Baker Wedding Photo -- Tom's PARENTS

Tommy Baker and K9 friend

Tom's BROTHER John

Tom's Auntie Louie O'Boyle

Wiliam O'Boyle -- Tom's Uncle by marriage

Edward Fleming, Tom Fleming, William O'Boyle -- Tom's Maternal Uncles.

William Henry Fleming Junior -- Tom's Maternal Uncle

Christina (nee Usher) Fleming, with Annie (nee Fleming) Smith -- Tom's Maternal Grandmother and Aunt.

Tom's MOTHER, Auntie Louie O'Boyle, Uncle Billy O'Boyle, Grandmother Christina [Ninny] Fleming, Cousin Joan O'Boyle

on the set of: "This Is Your Life" [screen captures]:

Tom's family

Tom's SISTER Louie [Lulu]

Tom's cousins Michael and Billy

Tom's youngest son, Piers

Tom and Piers BAKER ... Same Body Language?

Tom and Sue BAKER


photos from "Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?" © 1999-2009 by Tom Baker

old family photo gallery pictures courtesy: Steven O'Boyle © 2009

screen captures photos from "This Is Your Life - Tom Baker" © Freemantle Media 2000


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