George and the Dragon [1966-1968]

George and the Dragon

George and the Dragon is a British comedy series that ran on ITV1 between 19 November 1966 and 31 October 1968. A total of 26 episodes were made in glorious black and white over four seasons. It stared the late, great Sid James as George Russell, the chaffeur to Colonel Maynard (played by John Le Mesurier of Dad's& Army fame), and Peggy Mount as the formidable housekeeper, Gabrielle Dragon. The series begins with Maynard being forced to hiring a new housekeeper, as the lecherous George's amorous advances had driven the previous 16 to resign. Due to a typical sitcom twist, Gabrielle Dragon is hired as both a cook and housekeeper, much to the horror of George. However, over the course of the series the two become allies and develop a certain amount of grudging respect for each other.

The TOM BAKER episode: 'The 10:15 Train' was the third episode of the second season, and was broadcast on 6 March 1967. George and Gabrielle travel to London on their day off, but their plans are thrown into turmoil when they arrive at the station and find that the 10:15 to London has been cancelled - permanently. They resolve to wait for the next train and complain to the head office of British Rail, and their only companions on the platform are a very unco-operative booking office clerk; and a porter (TOM) with a rather warped sense of humour, in his brief but memorable performance, in one of his very earliest acting roles.

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