Jemima Shaw Investigates [1983]

Jemima Shores Investigates


Jemima Shore Investigates is a British crime/drama series that was first broadcast on ITV1 from
8 June to 23 August 1983. One season comprising 12 episodes were made, and the series is based on a series
of novels by Antonia Fraser. It stars Patricia Hodge in the title role, as an investigative journalist for a television
network. Her TV show is called "Jemima Shore Investigates". Shaw's investigative skills often see her become involved in mystery and intrigue, typically among the British upper class. The series was preceded by a six-part serial in 1979, which featured Maria Aitken as Shaw. This serial ultimately served as a pilot for the full series.

Tom Baker episode: 'Dr. Ziegler's Casebook' was the fifth episode of the series, and was first broadcast on 6 July 1983.
Tom stars as Dr. Norman Ziegler, the director of the Woodside Clinic and its resident psychotherapist. He is using violent criminals in an experiment involving regression therapy. He is trying to regress his patients back to an earlier period of their life when they were not criminally insane. Jemima Shaw discovers that Ziegler has a contract with a secret government agency, which apparently wants to use his "cured" patients as security operatives. Ziegler must report his progress regularly to the head of this agency, Sterling Stanley, whose agents have Ziegler under constant surveillance. Ziegler is having second thoughts about his experiments, particularly with regard to a patient named Kern. Ziegler reveals to Jemima Shaw that he has regressed Kern back to a previous life, rather than just his own past. It turns out that this past life is none other than Jack the Ripper, and when Kern escapes from the clinic the Ripper-style killings begin again...

(Ziegler): It was as if, under hyponosis, Kern's body and mind
  became a sort of carrier. The host - some bizarre parasite
  who died a hundred years ago.  


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