This Is Your Life [2000]


This Is Your Life - Tom Baker
Many celebrities were honoured by the UK version of 'This Is Your Life' between 1955 and 2003,

and on 18 March 2000 it was the turn of Tom Baker. Host Mike Aspel surprised him with the big red book while
Tom was signing copies of his book, 'The Boy Who Kicked Pigs'. The action then shifted to the studio, where Tom
was presented with a string of guests, including a friend from his schooldays, two men Tom had worked with during
his brief career as a builder, a number of actors Tom had appeared with on stage, film and TV, and his wife, Sue
Jerrard. For 'Doctor Who' fans, the best moment came when Tom was reunited with Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane
Smith) and John Leeson (the voice of K9).

The show looks at Tom's life from his early days (complete with photos of the young Tom Baker), his early career as
a monk, a builder's mate, a medical orderly in the army and his career as an actor. A touching moment comes when
Tom describes how he met, Piers, the son from his first marriage again after many years. Piers speaks to Tom via 
satellite from New Zealand, while the viewer also learns how Tom saved the life of a mate during their army days.
Video clips of some of Tom's more memorable acting roles add to the nostalgia, while the show inevitably gets to his
most fondly-remembered role, with Bill Slater and Barry Letts recounting how Tom got the role of the Doctor. There
is one final surprise for Tom, as Piers appears in the studio as Aspel says the famous words: "Tom Baker - This is 
your life.' All in all, a wonderful tribute to a great actor; Tom comes across as a wonderful man with a big heart and
a great sense of humour. Essential viewing for all fans of Doctor Who.

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