'Sir' Tom Baker -- by Barnaby


(By Barnaby Jones © 1997)

Iím a disciple of Tom Baker,
Itís really rather odd.
I worship him each morning,
As if he is a god.

His voice is so commanding,
It booms at perfect pitch.
All rounded vowels and enunciation,
So deep, so fruity, so rich.

That ever-shocked expression,
And bulging, wide-eyed stare.
The grin that spreads across his face,
Underneath the mass of curly hair.

Heís had an extraordinary life,
But probably his greatest part,
Was being the ultimate Doctor Who,
This walking work of art.

You might hear him on an advert,
Or a documentary narration.
Every time I hear that voice,
My heart is filled with elation.

Heís strange and heís quite scary,
Heís funny and heís quite mad.
He is the favourite Uncle,
That I have never had.

Iíve never even met him,
But Iím sure he would agree.
We would become the best of friends,
Grand, old Tom and me.


Kim (as Romana II)
and Barnaby (as Doctor IV)
Drawing By: Philip Downs © 2001 Philip Downs

hand signed by the R-E-E-L
Doctor Who IV -- Tom Baker!

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