Tom Baker's Xmas Carol
*** - Tom Baker's Xmas Carol - ***

The December 09, 2000 guest appearance at Leicestershire.


The Event all came about so we could have ...
according to Steve Hardy:
"... A more informal setting for an event so people could actually meet Tom without having to buy something as a pretext (except the ticket, of course!) There was no stage and Tom was basically circulating and chatting after he did his 'act'. We did have a more formal signing session after a buffet lunch and then Tom stayed around afterwards for another mingling sesion and a G&T with some of the fans. Apart from a few photos, the event wasn't 'recorded' (at least not officially - there might have been a fan videoing the event but I can't recall anyone doing so)."

There has been talk of doing a similar event but so far, sadly, no one has volunteered to help organise it.

Tom with an audience of lil' gulls and big buoys!

Tom and Lauren.

Tom and Paige clowning.

And just who is watching WHO???
Actually having a curry afterwards. L-R Amy Krell, unknown, unknown, JFR, Steve Hardy, Jayne Shepherd, Gary Finney, unknown.

The above "Tom Baker's Xmas Carol" casual photos ©2000-2005 Jayne Shepherd.

The Invitation Flyer:

if anyone else has any additional info/pics/other data ... please tell me all about it ... so i can share it with everyone else.

just email me at: pattie anne

this 'paige's midi file is: disney's candle on the water


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