Screen Captures From -- "Cari Genitori"

Screen Captures From -- "Cari Genitori" -- "Dear Parents"


Full Cast and Crew for Cari genitori (1972)

Directed by
Enrico Maria Salerno

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Giuseppe Berto -- story
Bruno Di Geronimo
Marco Leto
Enrico Maria Salerno -- also story
Lina Wertmüller

Cast (in credits order)
Florinda Bolkan .... Giulia Bonanni
Catherine Spaak .... Madeleine
Maria Schneider .... Antonia
Tom Baker .... Carl
Malcolm Stoddard
Jean Anderson
Susan Macready
Colin McColl
Spencer Banks

Also Known As:
Dear Parents (1973)
Runtime: 94 min
Country: Italy / France
Language: Italian / English
Color: Color

Tom's Clip - Dialogue Translation

TOM: Read and forgive, it's all poisoned, anyway. My name is Carl, I'm an old fool. How are things? I would advise you not to order anything. Do you remember me?

BOLKAN: Well, I do not really think that ...

TOM: How come not? We were children together, don't you remember? You can do this, you can not do that, wash your neck every morning, never say swear words ... Yes, everything considered, we were so much more lucky than them. And when we wouldn't understand something, we could always turn to our guardian angel. Oh, don't tell me you don't remember our guardian angels, either.

GIRL IN RED: Steaks for everybody, then. They are so cheap!

BEARDED BOY (Refto child): Come here, how are you? You lucky pig.

SCHNEIDER: Come to me. Hey, Gagarin, you toothless old one.

TOM: Leave the meat alone, woman. Drink a good glass of water, listen to an old boaster.

BOLKAN: Whose this child?

SCHNEIDER: Gagarin, this is Giulia.



CHILD: Hi Giulia!

BOLKAN: Why do you call him Gagarin?

SCHNEIDER: Well, because he's always in orbit, always around.

TOM: He's a friend of our son. She comes here whenever she can and when she can't we take care of him.

BOLKAN: Oh well, I can't say that the child is left on his own, poor creature!

BEARDED BOY: Why do you say so? He's free, happy. He feels loved, has no complexes. What does he lack?

SCHNEIDER: Oh, can't you see? He lacks the continuous and loving fatherly and motherly guide. Isn't that so. Mom?

BOLKAN: Oh yes, go on. Keep on testing me. Do as you please. I've seen a lot of children like that one becoming neurotic and full of complexes before reaching ten years old.

COUPLE: We have a ten years old son and we usually make love in front of him.

The first few times he used to look at us curiously, but he has grown tired of it and now he sleeps as a lot. This means he is pretty normal isn't he?

BOLKAN: My daughter too was a normal and quiet child.

TOM: Easy there, my dear girl, easy. They are cruel beings, maybe, but they are thinking beings, do not show them your fragility. We are but crystal vases among iron vases. Did you hear them? They do not care anyway.

BOLKAN: Listen, honestly I don't understand you ...

TOM: We, that dare to judge will be judged as well, kicked in the back by the past and by the future. We will end up like pot pieces scattered on the ground.

BOLKAN: I guess you talking for yourself only!

TOM: You did what I don't do, what I have not even thought of doing, what I have not had the guts to do. And in this way we punish the young for the dreams they dream of.

A VOICE: Stop it, Carl!

TOM: I envy you, I envy you because you run away. You go away while the cowards remain, instead. You will live and graze the grass, if there will be any leaf left and you are going to live as one doomed. In the meanwhile, the machines, the damned machines, will destroy the sky and the Earth. (He spits) And will kill the ones you left behind!

On the notebook Carl wrote the word "nothing"' (niente).

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