My Doctor Who Collection -- First Page

My Tom Baker/Doctor Who Collection

Warning! Hard Hat Area

Caution: Open Trenches

1) One 8X10 Color (Colour) Autographed Photo. May be viewed at: Signed Photo

2) Three Dr Who t-shirts

3) One TARDIS mug

4) Three tiny pewter doctors

5) Fourteen Doctor Who Marvel Comics -- including #1 click here to view two of the covers

6) Doctor Who The Game of Time and Space.

7) Two Doctor Who Role Playing Games -- FASA

8) Ten Ken size dolls portraying The Ten Doctors Who

9) One Dr Who photo cup coaster

10) One hundred and five Doctor Who paperbacks click here to view one cover

11) Duplicates of all the Fourth Doctors costumes (including wigs, hats, and accessories)

12) One very broken Sonic Screwdriver

13) One TARDIS model

14) One K9 coffee mug

15) One TARDIS key (with unofficial chain)

16) One set Doctor Who enamel pins

1) William Hartnell
2) Patrick Troughton
3) Jon Pertwee
4) Tom Baker
5) Peter Davison
6) Colin Baker
7) Sylvester McCoy
8) K9

click here to view

17) One instruction booklet Doctor Who The Collectable Trading Card Game

18) Two hundred and ninety-eight Doctor Who The Collectable Trading Card Game cards

19) One colour Doctor Who Classic Comics

20) One colour Doctor Who The TARDIS Inside Out -- John Nathan-Turner

21) One Doctor Who The Technical Manual

22) Four FASA Game Master Books -- The Iytean Menace -- The Master -- The Warrior's Code -- City of Gold

23) One colour Doctor Who 30th Anniversary Calendar

24) One deck Doctor Who Playing Cards

25) One Serefina LP record

26) Two Doctor Who Mugs click here to view

27) LP Record Set -- Journey To The Centre Of The Earth click here to view record jacket photo

28) Doctor Who Head Scarf

29) Doctor Who Head/Scarf Stamp

30) Doctor Who Two 8X10 Color photos click here to view photos

31) Doctor Who video -- Shada click here to view video photo

32) Doctor Who Greetings card collection click here to view gretings card collection

33) Four Doctor Who Posters collection click here to view poster collection

34) Doctor Who Tea card click here to view card

35) Tom Baker Doctor Who DOLLY click here to view photo

36) Tom Baker Doctor Who Con Collection click here to view photo of collection

37) Doctor Who Buttons (42) click here to view two

38) Tom Baker/Doctor Who CDs including:

1] lastest update Tom Baker Fan Website
2] Doctorin' The Tardis
3] The Worlds of Doctor Who - 19 music themes from the TV series

click here to view photos of sleeves

39) Tom Baker audio cassettes:

1] Charmed Life -- two cassettes
2] First Myths

click here to view photos of sleeves

39) Tom Baker/Doctor Who video cassettes including:

1] Doctor Who parody: The Curse of the Fatal Death
2] Dr. Who: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD
3] Dr. Who And The Daleks
4] Tom Baker promoting "Shada"
5] TB interview - "Strange"
6] Stonehenge -- K9 & Company
7] Frankenstein
8] Beyond Belief - The Mutations
9] Doctor Who omnibuses -- 36 & counting -- including:
.....1)The Two Doctors
.....2)The Three Doctors
.....3)The Five Doctors
.....4)Dr Who And The DALEKS
.....5)Dr Who: DALEKS Invasion Earth 2150AD
.....6)Dr Who TV movie 1996
.....7)Unearthy Child
.....8)The Invasion
.....9)Mawdryn Undead
.....10)The Mark of the Rani
.....11)Time and the Rani
.....12)The Trial of The Time Lord -- three videos
.....13)The E-Space Trilogy -- three videos
.....14)Planet of Evil
.....15)Pyramids of Mars
.....16)The Deadly Assassin
.....17)The Face of Evil
.....18)The Talons of Weng-Chiang
.....21)The Key To Time -- six videos
.....22)The Invasion of Time -- two videos
.....24) Shada -- the underground copy
.....25) The Daleks -- two videos

click here to view photos of jackets

1] Three U S Con Transcripts

2] Doctor Who The Doctor Who File -- Peter Haining

3] BBC tv Doctor Who hardback annual

4] The Official Doctor Who And The DALEKS Book -- Peel & Nation

5] Doctor Who The Scripts -- first season - autographed twice

6] Doctor Who And The Time Warrior - autographed

7] Doctor Who And The Mutants - autographed

8] Doctor Who And The Seeds of Doom - autographed

9] Who On Eath Is Tom Baker? An Autobiography - paperback - autographed!

10] Who On Eath Is Tom Baker? An Autobiography - hardback

11] On The Rounds With MEDICS -- Peter Haining

12] The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - The Book

13] View-Master 3D Doctor Who 21 pictures on three reels

14] Wind up Dr Who/Daleks clock

15] Plastic K9

16] Plastic bendable Tom/Doc doll

17] Glass paperweight

18] Plastic snow globe with two Tom/Doc pictures

19] Three doll sized hat stands

20] One Genesis of the Daleks LP Record

21] One 1984 Doctor Who Calendar

22] One 1999 Doctor Who Calendar

23] Two Tom/Doc Mouse pads 1999

24] One very special Scrapbook -- including 100 Tom Baker autographs!

25] Doctor Who Weekly, first issue

26] One BBC Paper cup with documentation

27] Just Who On Earth Is... Tom Baker? video jacket

28] Copy Tom Baker Birth Certificate

29] Copy Tom Baker Wedding Certificate

30] Five magazine covers

31] Miscellaneous Collection of newsclippngs Tom Baker career

32] Miscellaneous Collection cards, letters, postcards from Mr Thomas Stewart Baker himself

33] Doctor Who Magazine Special AUTOGRAPHED Editon Volume One 1 September 2004

34] Doctor Who Magazine Special AUTOGRAPHED Editon Volume Two 1 October 2004

35] 100 8x10 Colour & Black and White photos Tom Baker career Volume One

36] 75 8x10 Colour & Black and White photos Tom Baker career Volume Two

37] Doctor Who The Movie - [draft stage only] by Johnny Byrne

38] Doctor Who "Shada" - [rewritten script]

39] Doctor Who And The Think Tank - a fan novel by Patricia Martin Anders

40] One "Hard To Classify" scrapbook of odds and ends [photos, letters, emails, etc.]

41] One "Look-in" Magazine Tom Baker cover

42] Set of fan magazines from America circa 1980.

43] Internet article: "Dark Side Of The Doctor"

44] Starburst Magazine Tom Baker Cover -- Vol. 1 No. 10

45] Celestial Toyroom Magazine Tom Baker Cover -- October 1999

46] Nine Dreamwatch Magazines Two Tom Baker Covers

47] The Doctor Who Dinosaur Book with Poster

48] Doctor Who Discovers The Conquerors with Poster

49] Doctor Who Discovers Space Travel with Poster

50] Doctor Who Comic MARVEL PREMIERE -- April 1961

51] Doctor Who Comic MARVEL Summer Special Classic -- 1985

52] Doctor Who Magazine No. 179 -- October 1991 -- Tom Baker cover

53] Scripts for first four episodes of "Tom's Diner" cartoon series

54] Two AUTOGRAPHED beanie bears -- birthday presents from jillx and Tom Baker

55] Tin TARDIS Bank

56] Two Dr Who Collector's Plates

57] Dr Who Tin Toys Collection


The Diary of Jack the Ripper - DVD

The Millionairess – DVD

Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz – interactive DVD

Little Britain The Complete Third Series – 2 DVDs

Tom Baker Gatherings DVD

Four DVDs Fort Boyard

Misc Tom Baker - DVD
a) Regenerations
b) Nicholas Nickleby
c) Take Two
d) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
e) Exploration Earth
f) The Devil and Paganini
g) Lost Empires
h) The 39 Steps
i) The Russia House
j) Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World
k) Little Britain – Series One
l) The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
m) Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?
n) Tom on GMTV clip

Various YouTube videos

Tom Baker – Wine and Dine DVD

TomBaker Stuff – DVD
a) 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches
b) Dr Who 40th Anniversary
c) Evil of the Daleks – audio
d) Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World
e) Saturday Night Fry
f) Simon Jones – Guide to Hitchhikers Guide – not Tom
g) Dr Who Tom Baker Interview – Australia 1979 video
h) Hyperland with Douglas Adams
i) Tom at NEC 2005


Monarch of the Glen – 2005 season – 3 CDs

Towards Zero

Tom Baker - CD
a) The Devil and Paganini
b) Saturday Night Fry – Interview
c) The Masque of Moriarty Act 1 & 2

Tom Baker Convention Interview – CD audio Track – garbled

U2 Exclusive CD

Little Red Riding Hood – Interactive Video

Tom Baker Stuff – copy

Tom's Diner – cartoon series (also scripts of the episodes)

Little Britain – series 2 – CD audio

Dr Who Genesis of the Daleks – Exploration Earth – audio CD

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – audio plus interview

Little Britian CD audio season one

Destiny of the Doctors - PC CD-Rom inter active video game

Hostile Waters – PC CD-ROM

Paperback books - TOM/doc

Dr Who and the Giant Robot – paperback book

Dr Who – Ark in Space – paperback book

Dr Who -- The Sontaran Experiment – paperback book

Dr Who – Genesis of the Daleks – paperback book

Dr Who – Revenge of the Cybermen – paperback book

Dr Who -- Lock Ness Monster – paperback book

Dr Who – Pyramids of Mars – paperback book

Dr Who – Android Invasion – paperback book

Dr Who -- Brain of Morbius – paperback book

Dr Who -- Seeds of Doom – paperback book

Dr Who -- Masque of Mandragora – paperback book

Dr Who – Hand of Fear – paperback book

Dr Who – Deadly Assassin – paperback book

Dr Who – Face of Evil – paperback book

Dr Who -- Robots of Death – paperback book

Dr Who -- Talons of Weng-Chiang – paperback book

Dr Who -- Invisible Enemy – paperback book

Dr Who -- Image of the Fendahl – paperback book

Dr Who -- Sunmakers – paperback book

Dr Who – Underworld – paperback book

Dr Who – Invasion of Time – paperback book

Dr Who – Ribos Operation – paperback book

Dr Who – Stones of Blood – paperback book

Dr Who – Androids of Tara – paperback book

Dr Who – Power of Kroll – paperback book

Dr Who – Armageddon Factor – paperback book

Dr Who – Creature from the Pit – paperback book

Dr Who – Nightmare of Eden – paperback book

Dr Who – Horns of Nimon – paperback book

Dr Who – Leisure Hive – paperback book

Dr Who – Meglos – paperback book

Dr Who – State of Decay – paperback book

Dr Who – Keeper of Traken – paperback book

Dr Who – Logopolis – paperback book

Dr Who – The Pescatons – paperback book

Dr Who – The 4th Doc Handbook – paperback book

Never Wear You Wellies In The House – paperback book

The Boy Who Forgot to Grow Down – paperback book

Who on Earth Is Tom Baker? – paperback book

Audio Cassettes

Gremlins – audio cassette

Squabbling in the Vegetable Patch – audio cassette

The Pancake Pie – audio cassette

The Dark Portal – 2 audio cassettes

Journey to the Centre of the earth – 2 audio cassettes

Who on Earth is Tom Baker? – 2 audio cassettes

Mask of Moriarty – 2 audio cassettes

State of Decay – 2 audio cassettes

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – 2 audio cassettes

Tales from Aesop – audio cassette

Regenerations – audio cassette

Serafina – audio cassette

Oscar Wilde – Table Talk – 2 audio cassettes

Robinson Crusoe – 2 audio cassettes

Dr Who – Pescatons – audio cassette

Genesis of the Daleks – audio cassette

Hard Times – 2 audio cassettes

The Russia House – 2 audio cassettes

Just Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? – audio cassette

Myth Makers – audio cassette

The Tom Baker Years – 2 audio cassettes

The 39 Steps – 2 audio cassettes

Bomber – 2 audio cassettes

Nicholas Nickleby – 4 audio cassettes

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – 2 audio cassettes

A Tale of Two Cities – 2 audio cassettes

Great Expectations – 2 audio cassettes

Arthur and the Bellybutton Diamond – audio cassette

VCR Tapes

Deja Vu Doctors/Dr Who Play/TB Interview/TB “Strange” -- VCR tape

Medics -- VCR tape

The Silver Chair – 2 VCR tapes

A Christmas Carol -- VCR tape

Things to Come -- VCR tape

Black Adder II – Potato -- VCR tape

Curse of King Tut's Tomb -- VCR tape

The Passionate Pilgrim -- VCR tape

Manopticon 1997 – Battlefield 2000 -- VCR tape

Another Tom Baker Tape – Two (Copy) -- VCR tape

The Mutations -- VCR tape

Hound of the Baskervilles -- VCR tape

Hounded Steele -- VCR tape

Dr Who Outtakes -- VCR tape

The Life and Loves of A She-Devil – parts 3 & 4 -- VCR tape

The Tom Baker Tape -- VCR tape
a) An Afternoon with Tom Baker
b) A New Zealand news report
c) Tom Baker interview
d) all six commercials – Superannuation Services
e) on the set interview and behind the scenes
f) Tom Baker chat and discussion of this autobiography
g) a UK convention
h) Chicago 1983 con

Dungeons and Dragons -- VCR tape

Tom Baker links/intros BBC1 -- VCR tape

Nostradamus -- VCR tape

Tales of Aesop – volume two -- VCR tape

Backtime -- VCR tape

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad -- VCR tape

Beyond Belief – The Immortalizer -- VCR tape

“Strange” BBC1 -- VCR tape

The Passionate Pilgrim -- VCR tape

Dr Who – The Five Doctors -- VCR tape

Dr Who – The Tom Baker Years – 2 VCR tapes

Dr Who – Robot -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Logopolis -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Stones of Blood -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Armageddon Factor -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Power of Kroll -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Ribos Operation -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Androids of Tara -- VCR tape

Dr Who -- Pirate Planet -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Pyramids of Mars -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Talons of Weng-Chiang -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Planet of Evil -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Face of Evil -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Deadly Assassin -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Masque of Mandragora -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Invasion of Time -- 2 VCR tapes

Dr Who – E-Space Trilogy ---- 3 VCR tapes

Dr Who – Shada – unauthorized copy -- VCR tape

Dr Who – Shada – authorized copy -- VCR tape

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - 1st season 1-5 -- VCR tape

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - 1st season 6 & the making of -- VCR tape

Bloody Battlefields – unfinished WWII commentary -- VCR tape

Tons of TOM!
a) Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
b) Dead Ringers
c) Top Ten TV Sci-Fi
d) USA/UK cons
e) Tales of Aesop
f) Longleat 1983 ( Dr Who Exhibition)

Tons of TOM 2! -- VCR tape
a) Countryside at war
b) “Vault of Horror”

Tons More TOM Baker! -- VCR tape
a) A Sci-fi Audience with Tom Baker 1997
b) Manopticon 1997
c) Battlefield 2000

The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood -- VCR tape

Tom Baker Interviews -- VCR tape

145) The Canterbury Tales – NUDITY -- VCR tape

One Small Step -- VCR tape

This Is Your Life -- VCR tape

Dr Who – “Dimensions in Time” & “30 Years in the TARDIS” -- VCR tape

Paul's Shorts – TOMmercials -- VCR tape

More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS -- VCR tape

Doctor ... Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? -- VCR tape

Myth Makers – Volume 8 – Tom Baker -- VCR tape

Who Is Tom Baker – unauthorised -- VCR tape

Panopticon 1993 – 4 VCR tapes

Randall & Hopkirk (deceased) series 2 – 2 VCR tapes

The Story of True Crime – 2 VCR tapes

Nicholas and Alexandra – 2 VCR tapes

The Story of the Unexplained – 2 VCR tapes

Century of Ships – 2 VCR tapes

Cari Genitori -- VCR tape

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