My Tom Baker/Doctor Who Collection of Color Pages

Not Just A "Coloring Page" Page

Though it truly IS a Coloring Pages Page, it is also home to Dr Who Paper Dolls, and much "Moore" (Ah ... just as soon as I can find the more. ;) ) AnyWHO, enjoy!

First up ... the coloring Pages. Some from a Dr Who Colouring Book ... others from off the Net.

And one here nicely colored so you can see what can be done with these humble pages.

And now ... Dr Who Paper Dolls! With TOM/Doc First and Formost:

And ... the rest of the "splendid chap ... all of them.":

That is ... I'll put up the rest of the docs as soon as I find those old files.

If you have any drawings you would like to add to this collection, or want on-site credit with your drawing, or wish a LINK added to your drawing, please email me at:
pattie anne

And finally, attempts were made to find the artists represented here, and get permission first, but if for some reason you want your drawing deleted from these pages, please just email me, and I will promly do so.

Midi file this page: "Dr Who Theme #1 [in my collection of Themes]."

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