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from TOM's first movie in sixteen (16) years: "Dungeons And Dragons."

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Clanmaster of the Hunter Elves, Hallvarth Fyrlief.

Hallvarth is the respected leader of a clan of Hunter Elves. He is older than many of the ancient trees they make their homes in, and deeply in touch with the forest, the cycle of life and the ebb and flow of magic.

If your were to conduct research on Hunter Elves in the cavernous libraries of the Sumdall School of Wizardry, you would discover that they are nothing like typical High elves or Grey Elves. A much more savage race, they do not particularly care for strangers and are fiercely protective of their territorial forest.

Hallvarth is strict, but noble in his ways. He leads the hunter elves as only a true king could. He doesn't trust outsiders but won't hesitate to help someone out with a worthy cause.

For this reason, little else is known about them at this time.

The Actor: Tom Baker AND The Director: Cory Solomon

In The Words of Director Corey Solomon:

"Yes, Tom is the worlds tallest elf. [6'3"] But you have to ask yourself, do you want Tom Baker or do you not? If you want him he only comes in one size, and he was perfect for the role otherwise. So I was willing to make that sacrifice. When we were discussing his first scene, he said 'So I'll walk in and ..' and I had to stop him and say 'No, no walking. We will have you seated when the scene starts.' But the important thing is that Tom really does a good job with the character and I think the fans are going to like it."

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