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a little mishap blew-away a few of my pages

... pardon the mica-dust ...

[cough cough cough cough]

(sort of a three sheets to the wind episode.)

Photo (and other) Credits

Doctor Who and associated name, titles, icons, sound bits, photographs, and screen captures are all copyrighted 1993-2013 by the BBC Enterprises Ltd.

No copyright infringement is intended.

Individual photo sources credited where ever known.

No claim is made to copyright for any of the photographs represented on any of these pages, except for the few that are mine, and are so tagged.

All images/facsimiles/ect. on this FANsite are merely part of my TOM/doc COLLECTION, gathered together over a 30+ years TIME frame. but all copyrights belong to and are retained by the individual and/or collective owners/creators.

All FAN Art on this FANsite is used with permission of owner/owners--creator/creators when they were known, and every effort via email was made to contact them to obtain such permission(s). If one of the images created on this FANsite is yours and you wish it removed or credited differently ... please email me at:

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Finally, any photos/art work/icons/sound bits/wave files/etc. [up to and including forms/raw html codes/programs] that are mine are FREE for the use of anyone ... anyTIME ... anywhere in CyberSpace forever; without any restrictions whatsoever.

(... and finally)

Absolutely NO profit has ever been made from these pages at any TIME in either the PAST nor in the PRESENT and quite probably will never be in the FUTURE either.

(and in actuality)

It COST me nearly $100 a year to host this lil' FANsite. So this place definately qualifies as a true labor of love.

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