Fakes And 'MOORE' Page One


The Great Pretenders
-- FAKES & 'Moore' --
Page One


NOTICE: ALL photos on this page are




they are NOT REAL!

even the wallpaper is a FAKE FOTO!

and the midi theme of this page is: The Great Pretender

so don't believe ANYTHING you see here.

everything is just all in FABULOUS FAKE FUN.



AND ...

one 'moore' thing i'll be honest about.

all photos except miss scarlett's and ms boku's and watcher's were done by mouser. but i sort of got carried away with some of them and went and did some tweaking. but what can i say? i seldom leave ANYTHING alone. :-D

First FAKE on this page ... TOM BAKER In A Kilt! A True SIGH --- THUD Moment!

And number two FAKE ... The FAVE and The FAN ... together at last! ... yeah, right. ;-)

Number three FAKE ... Tom Baker and Mouser ... oh, how fickle! ... tee hee. ;-)

Number four and five FAKE ... The Doctor and companion Scarlett ...

Number six FAKE ... NOT Tom Baker and Romana ... i mean, WHY should the girls have all the fun? ;-)

Number seven FAKE ... NOT Tom Baker Either and Romana ... seems Tom/Doc is NOT the only fickle one!

Number eight FAKE ... The Master and Mouser!

Number nine FAKE ... A Nimon meets his match ... Steven WHO knows about de-horning cows!

Number ten FAKE ... Two Brits ... Two actors ... Two/Too funny!

Number eleven FAKE, aup, HE's doing it again! ;-)

Number twelve FAKE Holmes and Holmes. Gee ... never knew there were TWO of them.

Number thirteen FAKE Holmes and Holmes ... B&W version. Which one do you think is 'moore' believable?

Number fourteen FAKE one of the secret companions, naturally.

Number fifteen FAKE 'moore' Scarlett.

Number sixteen FAKE and one 'moore' Scarlett and friends.

Number seventeen, eighteen, & nineteen & twenty FAKES FAKE leela fun.

Number twenty-one FAKE by restlesscheese.

Number twenty-two FAKE Tom-Baker.com MODerator Fun.

Number twenty-three FAKE Itty Bitty Kiddies Fun.

Number twenty-four FAKE Harry Potter Fun Via Watcher.

Number twenty-five and number twenty-six FAKES ala "The Prisoner" Fun.

Number twenty-seven FAKE ... and THE FAKE that started it all!

and ONE last FAKE reflection -- the antique mode of FAN & FAVE


now ... wasn't that FIERCELY 'THERIOUS' "BAKER THE FAKER" type FUN?


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