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The Family of: Mr Thomas Stewart Baker

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........ BURNELL ....... COLLIGAN


As Thomas Stewart Baker is a public figure as well as a private one, he has left behind many notable anecdotes about his family and his life. Most notable was his autobiography, "Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?" And because it is still available from several retailers in either audio cassette, paperback book, or hardback form, no quote from it will appear here. However, here are a few other noteable quotes from other sources for your enrichment:

"I was brought up in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool among Irish pubs and Irish priests, and brainwashed with a preoccupation with death. Which is perhaps why I still wander round graveyards collecting strange epitaphs."
Quoted from 1979 Marvel Comics' Starburst No. 10.

"One of my earliest memories is of my Auntie Chrissie. She was a street bookmaker before they legalised betting shops. She and my Uncle Willy and Uncle Terry took the betting slips on the street corner. My mother would pick up some of the bets standing in a graveyard while I was with her. It was the most discreet place she coulds think of."
Interviewed by William Marshall in 1979 for the Daily Mirror.

Father and Mother:

JOHN STEWART BAKER - Born: June 28, 1904, at 12 Francis Avenue, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Jewish. {merchant seaman until retiring to land -- worked at Jacobs' biscuit factory.}
MARY JANE [FLEMING] BAKER - Born: November 12, 1904, at 72 Rockingham Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Married: April 2, 1931
Died: 1964. Catholic. {housewife, housekeeper, innkeeper, worked at Bird's Eye frozen foods.}


Sister Louie (Lulu)
Brother John Born: in Liverpool, Lancashire


Aunt Annie Fleming
Aunt Louisa (Louie) Fleming
Aunt Margaret (Molly/Maggie) Fleming
Aunt Christina (Chrissie) Fleming
Aunt Ella Fleming (Tom Fleming's wife)

Uncle William (Willy) Henry Fleming Junior
Uncle Thomas (Tom) Fleming
Uncle Edward (Ted - Terry) Fleming

Uncle Barney Smith (brother-in-law to Flemings -- Annie's husband)
Uncle Ernie Rowlands (brother-in-law to Flemings -- Maggie's husband)
Uncle Bill O'Boyle (brother-in-law to Flemings -- Louie's husband)

Cousin Michael Thomas O'Boyle
Cousin Kathleen Joan (Joan) O'Boyle
Cousin William (Billy) O'Boyle

Paternal Grandparents:

Thomas Victor Baker - Born: 1858 {master chandler, ironmonger and ironmaker}
Sarah [Grieve] Baker - Born: 1870
Married: June 7, 1900
Children: JOHN STEWART BAKER, Thomas Victor Baker, born March 11, 1901; at 108a Grange Rd Birkenhead Liverpool. [note: The 1901 census was taken on the March 31, 1901]

Paternal Great-Grandparents:

John Baker {farmer}.

Robert Grieve - Born: 1839
Agnes [Stewart] Grieve - Born: Scotland, 1839.
Married: March 26, 1865

Paternal Great-Great Grandparents:

Denniston Stewart (Agnes father)
Sarah [Burnell] Stewart (Agnes mother)

Maternal Grandparents:

William Henry Fleming - Born: about 1871 in Liverpool {steamship fireman}
Christina (Ninny) [Usher] Fleming - Born: December 24, 1871 {housewife} in Liverpool
Married: May 3, 1891, Catholic Church Our Lady of Reconciliation Liverpool.
Children: Christina - Born: 1896; Louisa - Born: Nov 30, 1897, in Liverpool, Lancashire; Margaret; Thomas; Ann; William; and MARY JANE.

Maternal Great-Grandparents:

John Fleming - Born 1827, in Ireland
Bridget Fleming - Born: 1831, in Connaught, Ireland
Children: WILLIAM HENRY - Born: 1871, John - Born: 1869, Mary - Born: 1860, Catherine - Born: 1858.

James Usher - Born: 1835 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland
Rose Ann [Colligan] Usher - Born: 1839 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire Died: June 1882 in Liverpool, Lancashire
Children: Margaret Usher - Born: 1865, Liverpool; James Usher born: 1867, in Liverpool; Mary Usher Born: 1869 in Liverpool, CHRISTINA USHER - Born: 1871.

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