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While most of the following original art is from fellow fans, a few are from professional artists. What they have in common is, all are a source of joy and delight to me. Please feel free to download to your heart(s) content; as none of the following are mine! Just click on each thumbnail icon to view the particular art work in all of its glory. As for pages five through eight ... well ... they contain some very special surprises ... "but nothing dangerous." For now ... enjoy!

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Back so soon? Well ... OK. Please enjoy the rest of my Fan pages.

These next two are not fan drawings, but included them here, as I thought you might get a chuckle or two from them. {Actually, they are ads for a car ... a Golf Estate to be exact. Something to do with them being bigger on the inside ...}
Question: How many Doctors can you put in the back of a V. W.?

Answer: Three. Sort of: "The Three Doctors," take two.

And finally, our fantastic background image:
credit goes here to Star Creations Inc.

Now ... here is where you can help me.

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