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Q: To the question ... should I send fan mail?

A: A resounding ... YES! YES!! YES!!!

Q: Will the celebrity in question (or any of them ... while we are at it) answer ME back?

A: Probably not .. but not because they are insensitive ... celebrities are just very busy people ... and they love reading the letters and cards we fans send ... and most likely ... if the truth be known ... they could never ... never ... NEVER get enough of it! But TIME (if there were no other reason) prevents them from being able to respond. And you must remember ... fan love is unconditional, and unconditional fan love simply means that: love with no strings attached. So write!

Q: So I write ... should I send stuff? ... and if so, what kind of stuff?

fan drawing two A: Yes ... my all means send stuff ... stuff like ... articles from your LOCAL newspaper about aforementioned celebrity ... anything you have made yourself (expensive -- store bought -- gifts -- are usually a turn off -- strange but true) ... hand made cards ... store bought cards (with nice personal messages) ... photos of yourself (believe it or not ... most celebrities like to see what you look like so they can have a picture of you in their head as they read your letter) ... articles from magazines about their FAVoritE things (just make sure you only photocopy the article if the magazine isn't yours!) ... poems and filk you have written for them ... or poems or filk you haven't written for them, but those which express exactly how you feel (just remember to give proper credit) ...




Dear All - For years I have tried to keep an up to date agent address HERE for all of you. As in the old days the ONLY way a fan could reach a celebrity was though an agent via fan mail. However, all of this has changed now due to the Internet. And in Our Mister TOM's case HE has HIS very own Official Website right here:

This page then is really, in reality, quite obsolete, as The Man HIMself has requested, at this point in HIS life: "No 'moore' gifts, please." So we are left with Questions/Comments/Reflections/ETC and you can address all such DIRECTLY to HIS Official Website, via the GuestBook, Email, or Forum; knowing HE will read and treasure each entry.

"Oh, goodie!"
Dr Who IV

And this is all so very superior to the "Old Ways" when things were sent on a wing and prayer. With one never really KNOWING what happened to any of our stuff, anyWHO!

pattie anne


Any other fan related questions? Then send them along to me at: pattie anne


Midi file this page: "The Rainbow Connection."



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