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Tom Baker/Doctor Who POETRY


Magic Giant

by Joyce

Tom among his favorite fans
Magic Giant, don't you know
You're the one who's going to show
The little ones some joy and caring?
Because you're always kindly sharing.

The children gather round your knee.
Your laughing face is all they see.
It takes a special heart that mild
To touch the heart of a little child.

Thank you Magic Giant for seeing
That children have a place of being
For one to so touch a child's heart
A child yet is he -- in part.


Ode To The Curls

by Jaime

We miss you, Tom, in our hometown
It's been so long since you've been round.
We miss your smile ... we miss your voice
(That ringing ... cultured ... laughing noise).

We miss your tales
We miss your wails
When sound equipment fails.
Oh Paragon of Thespian males --
We even miss your fingernails.

We miss you more than all the rest.
We miss you in your casual dress.
We miss you in your formal wear.
But most of all ... We miss your hair!

Alas, we know; it had to be
For a longhaired Holmes no one could see
With tresses blowing wild and free.
And so ... The Curls are ... history!
The mane that caused our hearts to leap --
fan drawing

Now fodder for a broom to sweep.

We know ... we know -- 'tis not the end;
It could grow long and free again.
But Tom -- what you've snipped off (we weep)
Most men would give their ALL to keep.


Half A World Away

by Judy

How must we appear to you
Half A World Away?
Do you know why we were here?
For you. And why we stay?

Do you see yourself as just
An image from the past,
Barely fathoming why our
Affection seems to last?

When you look into a mirror
Do you shake your head?
And wonder why we do not write
Another Tom instead?

How could we explain to you?
It isn't just one part
But everything you've ever done
That's won respect and touched our heart?

That fans are here because your work
Merits the friends you make.
And how you've treated us ...
That's been icing on the cake.

Whether you are on the Stage
Or 'Con'ing somewhere.
On Television ... or on Film
The magic is always there.

And you will neither grow too old
Nor fade from memories.
We're here, not just for awhile
Or, while you're here to please.

But long as you may live we'll be
Applauding where we may.
In Living Rooms ... in Theaters
Even ... Half A World Away.


Weaver of Tales

by Jan

The stars dance in your eyes as
You play upon the stage. Centuries
Pass at your fingertips when filling
The essence of another.

Your life now takes the guise of
Holmes and Moriarty, men from the
Misty past. Their thoughts and feelings
Brought to life for all to see.

We are drawn into your magical aura
As the tale unfolds before our
Eyes. All are transfixed by the
Cathartic web you have woven.

Night winds from far away call to
You as the curtain falls. Gone for
A time the trappings of the others.

We thank you for the talent in which
You weave your magic. Truly you are
The MASTER of it all.


Christmas Reflections Of A Gentle Soul

by Jan

Christmas bells chiming in winter's
Ice crystal palaces gleaming
In the moonlight.

A tall man with sparkling sapphire eyes
Listening to the sounds of children
Caroling through the snowy
Streets of London, his heart filled
With love for his fellow man.

An Actor's spirit transfixed by the
Power of Christmas present.

Gentleness and serenity
Cloaked about his very essence.
Innocent eyes reach out to him, as
songs float through the icy air.

Our affection for this man
Has no limit. Peace and happiness
Will be granted to one
So full of life.

May the sweetness of this season
Flourish forever
Within him.


A is for Aggedor, furry and sweet
B is for Barbara, tidy and neat
C is for Cybermen, silver and great
D is for Daleks who exterminate
E is for Eckersley, a traitor so bad
F is for Federico, driven quite mad
G is for Garron, a con man by trade
H is for Harrogate where the government stayed
I is for Isop where Vortis is found
J is for Jago, so jolly and round
K is for Kandyman, a 'sweet' little man
L is for Lasky who had a strange plan
M is for Maren who guarded the fire
N is for Nyder, a compulsive liar
0 is for Ola, the Chief of Police
P is for Pangol who didn't want peace
Q is for Quinlan, a government minister
R is for Ringmaster, entertainer so sinister
S is for Shreela, Aces old friend
T is for Torbis who met a sad end
U is for Ulf, a bad Viking raider
V is for Vardans the tin-foil invaders
W is for Wrack, the pirate Eternal
X is for Xoanon, a computer infernal
Y is for Yartek, leader of the Voord
Z is for Zastor whom Lexa ignored


"No more Jelly Babies now!"
The Doctor cried with glee
"I've switched to healthy eating,
I think celery's the key!
I'm going to wear it on my coat
For everyone to see!"


"My vision is impaired, I cannot see!".
Is what a Dalek screeched at me.
So I ripped his gun stick from its socket
And placed it safely in my pocket
He'll not be killing anymore,
Just spinning blindly on the floor
But I let him keep his sucker arm
For that can't do me any harm.


On the beach Macra
Crawl like a crab, sideways on
Forwards I escape


Cyberman, Cyberman!
Silver and loud.
How you dominate the crowd.
Standing tall with your great big gun,
Spoiling everybodys fun.
Destroying in your logical manner,
Upon the orders of the Cyber Planner.


A Drashig has just eaten me
In one enormous gulp
It's dark here in his stomach
And I'm being crushed to pulp

I'm glad his sharp teeth missed me
And I didn't feel much pain
But all the same I sort of doubt
That I'll get out again

I want to see the light of day
And stroll across the fen
Perhaps he will excrete me
When he goes back to his den?


A sneaky old Zygon called Broton
Had motives both spiteful and rotton
But he felt such a twit
When his plans failed to knit
So he's now been completely forgotten.


If a Fendahleen knocks on your door
It's the end of your life, that's for sure.
But you can make it halt
If you sprinkle some salt
Then you won't need to worry no more


A Nimon looks quite like a bull
Now, you might think that's terribly dull
But on Skonnos they raved
As their planet was saved
By the governments B.S.E. cull


Xoanon's gone mad as can be
It's the fault of the Doctor, you see
Though he tried to help out
There's really no doubt
He should have stayed home and made tea


Erato's trapped down in the pit
Where it's dingy and not too well lit
But glowing green is a feature
Of our luminous creature
So he doesn't mind it one bit!


Wrack thought that she'd won the race
Until Turlough snatched the First Place
And he would not betray
The Doctor that day
For the Black Guardian: A slap in the face.


The Cybermen are out on the ice
Tall, shiny and not very nice
With a chop from the arm
They can do so much harm
Five soldiers lay dead in a trice


I'm really not feeling too good,
As this Ogri is draining my blood.
He's made out of stone,
Now I'm nothing but bone
As my skeleton slumps in the mud.


The Master is shrunk down to size
And he scurries before Peri's eyes
She's ready to tread
Her foot down on his head
It's as easy as swatting at flies




A Dalek cries 'EXTERMINIATE'
As those who hear it run too late,
A searing blast of heat and light,
Cuts down all that dares to fight.
But all's not lost, as time would tell,
For as the final victims fell,
Any not caught unawares,
Quickly climbed up flights of stairs.


I hid safely undercover,
But from the corner of my eye,
I saw a woman screaming,
I saw a helpless young man die.

I saw soldiers bravely fighting,
I saw old and young men fall,
As invading Daleks,
Advanced and killed them all.

And as these metal monsters,
Waged a brutal war,
I looked around me shaking,
And thought of running for the door.

I saw the creatures coming,
And as they turned on me,
The music started playing,
And the image seemed to freeze.

I got up from behind the sofa,
And a voice from the TV,
Said, tune in next week to see what happens,
To Doctor Who on BBC.


The Watchers Poem:

I saw him fight with all his strength,
He never questioned why,
He fought for what he knew was right,
And knew that he would die.

He joined forces with his greatest foe,
And when he was double crossed,
He fought to save the universe,
But knew his life was lost.

I saw him fall and hit the ground,
The battle fought and won,
He knew that it was over then,
His final task was done.

His companions thought their friend was dead,
And in a way it's true,
But although The Doctor lost his life,
I was The Doctor too.


The Masters Poem:

One day I'll rule the universe,
I've got my greatest plan,
The Doctor cannot stop me now,
Though I bet he thinks he can.

I've planned it all in detail,
And The Doctor took the bait,
It's working out quite nicely,
And I only have to wait.

But with victory just within my grasp,
When my final trap was sprung,
My nemesis defeated me,
And again The Doctor won.

But as they say there's always next time,
So I'll travel to the past,
And I'll wait there for The Doctor,
I'll make him pay at last.


Davros! Davros! What about your Ravos!
You have 3 Eyevos and i cant Even Speak!
Even if i Reak i ought to Tell a Lie!
And Crie until you go away from Me!
Even if I was away i would go Faraway!
And your Daleks are Such Fireleks!
So go get Snyder to help you go to Nyder!
And Fyder Will Tell you to Dyer!


The 12 Days Of Christmas
On the First day of Chistmas my True love Gave to me
1 Tom Baker With his Curls of Fluff
2 Daleks Exterminating People
3 Zygons With Hi-tech Thingies
4 TARDISes with 23 Rooms
5 Golden K-9s!
6 Stowaway Cybermen
7 Robots Of Death Running
8 Rocks that Suck Blood
9 Little Cats Named Tom
10 Sontarans Carring Flowers
11 Boxes Filled with Rutans

and 12 Jokes Made By Our Beloved Tom Baker! Baker!

Ice Nimon

The Doctor went out for a walk
He heard a click and then balked
But Harry was near
And depite of his fear
Replaced his friend's shoe with a rock


Doctor Who Haiku

A jelly baby
a scarf longer than the sky
Doctor Who the Fourth.

Time waits for no one.
But if you are a Time Lord
only time will tell.

A police call box
travelling in time and space,
the Doctor is in.

the Doctor’s not who he was
or will be again.

Miss Zygon


The poems 'round here will be written
by a collective of girls who are smitten.
They're a little bit loco
and partial to cocoa
but at heart I'm sure they're just kittens.


"The Doctor's poem"

Over the threshold
Of the TARDIS he carried
His blushing new bride.
The Doctor got married!

Where once she was her
Now she is she.
For the second Romana
Married, well, me.

And while it did not
Last for all time,
My travels continued.
More or less I was fine.

So the TARDIS and I
go off for a jog
and my best friend remains
a mechanical dog.

Isn't that right, K-9?

Affirmative, Master.


A Lord of Time I am,
Who am I? Yes, that's me.
I may be as alien as Spam,
But I still enjoy a cup of tea.

I travel in my TARDIS,
Erratically at best.
I doubt, after 5 million miles,
She would pass a 'roadworthy' test.

I'm a man of many faces,
Yet all of them the same.
A renegade from Gallifrey,
The Doctor is my name.


There was a young Doctor called Who
Who eventually turned into two.
The fourth was the best
And he passed our test
aged seven hundred and fifty two.


Rain is a blessing from God up above,
It makes arid landscapes less dusty.
New flowers will grow,
Fresh streams start to flow,
And tin plated Daleks go rusty.

A Dalek is a silly thing
Simplicity to stop
Just grab a pen
Spin round and then
Jab it's eye on top!


A white large and lumpy old Kroton
Had just finished killing off Broton
It said "I'm so old"
"And really quite cold"
"I should have my big thick warm coat on"


A young lady Kroton called Tina
Was trying to be a lot meaner
She said "It's quite hard
When your head's made of card
And your body's an old vacuum cleaner!"


There once was an actor named Baker
WHO claimed he was quite a true faker.
But HIS fans in riot
Would scream "We deny it!"
Stomping about Tom's little green acre.


pattie anne with an idea quite bright
wished to travel faster than light
with a TARDIS by day
in a TIME and SPACE way
she returned on the previous night.


TIME and TIME again
TIME waits for no man ... unless
HE is a TIME Lord.


does Doctor the fourth
HAIKU, or can you also?
don't be blue ... just do!

pattie anne


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