BMH Hostert - Where TOM stayed, once upon a TIME

BMH Hostert
The following pictures and information  are Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore.
Situated about 1.5 miles north of JHQ, this building (or parts of) actually started life as a Franciscan monastery.  However, a dark side prevails as during the Nazi period the site was used to implement euthanasia. After the war and in British hands, it became BMH Hostert. This lasted from 1950's until early 1960's, when it was converted/re-roled to Kent School.
Tom Baker who starred in 'Dr Who' did his National Service here.
Courtesy of Bob H who I was at BMH Hostert from April 59-1963 as ACC Cook Cpl.
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
 Courtesy  Mr Simon Moore
Medic TOM ready for anything)

Would TOM have dressed like this for a parade?

A soldier who roomed in the same billet as TOM was Duncan Batchleor and you can read 'moore' about him here:


The National Archives holds Tom Baker's seaman's pouch under the document reference BT 372/2134.
Baker's discharge number was R692772 (these records are organised by discharge number within the boxes that hold them).
The cards in the pouch note that Baker held the rating of Hospital Attendant.
His next of kin is given as his father John.
Baker's complexion is described as 'fresh'.
Further paperwork within the pouch notes that Baker was discharged from service on 20th June 1958.

Still ... this page and its data is such a true rare find! (And to think I was just looking for Tom Baker photos.)

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