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Dear All -

Some of the data on these pages refers to the old Official Tom Baker Website Forum ... which I very sadly no longer support. However most of the folks I met there are still very dear to me, and what fun we had before things statrted to go wrong there. Still, since we finally have a Forum in the here and now, now expect these pages to be added to with our own particular type fourty FORUM madness.

pattie anne

pattie anne playing at sherlock hemlock


"After struggling to resist the AOL's (Angels of Lust Sisterhood) malevolent acts of ritual Torture, the Doctor finally succumbs during the sacred rite of cleansing achieved through the Removal of The Holy Triad of Chocolate ..."

madgoth's Doc as She sees HIM -- what more need be said?

Lady Romana I for whodude.

Lady Romana II for whodude.

Tom Baker (the one in the tutu) and Douglas Adams:
in a relationship?
seriously dancing ballet?
cutting up?
carefully ... choose one.

For finding the above photo first ... madgoth, ta.

Gentlemen please remove your hats ...
and everyone please stand for our international anthem.

God bless our Forum Page
God bless our Tom
Stand beside HIM
And chide HIM
'Til HE Posts and amuses us all!

whodude on Saturday, October 6, 2001 - 06:36am:

The Official Web Site's UN-Official Official Quote File:

With All Confirmed Tom Baker Posts Posted First Always!

And They Are:

By Tom Baker on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 - 03:26pm:

I still remeber Sherlock Holmes as a comedy character. I also remember Arthur Lowe and John Cleese as Holmes and Watson. It was directed by Joe McGrath.

I would like to see that again.

Tom Baker

By Tom Baker on Wednesday, May 2, 2001 - 10:01pm:

I recently did an advert for Unibond

For those of you who like glue.

Best Wishes

By Tom on Monday, October 29, 2001 - 11:50 pm:

You don't believe I come here? I come and I go.

My outings in cyber space are rare but when I do take the trip I come and I see what you are all saying.

You say such nice things. It makes me happy that you find my website so interesting.

Very happy.

THREE! only THREE? Well ... it IS better than Two.

and according to K9Media there are 'moore' "out there"
and a Lurker too that we all know and love ...


But Does HE LURK???

And If HE did ... would it LOOK like this???

pattie anne said all i gotta do is stand here and they'll drop like flies :-D

The Only Words Greater In The Universe Than "I Love You" -- "How May I Help You?"

if ever YOU need anything Tom/Doc just whistle!

all suggestions 'moore' or less considered

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