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lalla ward as she appears today as mrs. richard dawkins

Tom OUR gentleman scholar ... one for wallet ... one for wall.

Utter Perfection! And people wonder WHY we care so very much? ta for the pic madgoth.

A Doctor Who cartoon.

A 'Nutter' Doctor Who cartoon.

And Still A 'Nutter' Doctor Who cartoon.

Barnaby's favourite 'Tom & Lalla' pic

The Official Web Site's UN-Official Official Quote File:
:SNIF-SNIF-SNIF-SNIF: Something smell "Fishy" to you in all that too?

GENERAL -- Harry Potter destroys Dr. Who ...!

By pattie anne on Thursday, November 15, 2001 - 05:27 pm:

ooops ... sorry doctor ... didn't know THAT wand was loaded.

a solem and red faced
harry p.

PS: "and that goes for your little dog too!"


TOM RUMOURS -- Where On Earth IS Tom Baker?

By madgoth on Tuesday, July 3, 2001 - 10:54 pm:

Hello thymeforsaffron,

I am madgoth. Nice to have you here.

We provide the chocolate, you just have only to agree to take the solemn vow of the Sisterhood, (AKA the Agents or Angels of Lust, the AOL collective), which is to assist in the capture and stringing up of Tom, perform various tortures as required, view and enjoy portrayals of Tom in his Deadly Assassin sexy poet shirt, and other attractive poses, dip him in chocolate, and then remove it slowly, run our fingers through his hair, use feathers to tickle or whip him, and perform other duties as assigned which are not openly discussed hereon.

If you can abide by these regulations, then you may consider yourself a sister. Welcome to the circle hhhiiisssss hiiiissssssss!

GENERAL -- The Ghost of Christmas Present ...

By Barnaby on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 12:07 pm:

I'd better add mine, being as I started this thread!

WYVERN : (deep & fruity) Hello there, Barnaby!
BARNEY : (shocked) Jesus Christ!!
WYVERN : (smiles) No, not quite. Though, I did once have a relationship with him, you know. Purely platonic, of course. Unlike Jillx. Ahem.
BARNEY : (stammers) W-w-w-w...
WYVERN : (interrupts) Wyvern. That's right.
BARNEY : No, w-w-what are you doing here?
WYVERN : Well, that's something I haven't asked myself in a long time. What are any of us doing here, hmmm?! Personally, I wish I was doing the ironing. I used to iron the grass in a cemetery once, just to make it nice and flat for when I was asked to get into my plot. I sometimes had a toast to all the inmates of the cememtery. They never answered back. I like toasting people. It's not the drinking that I enjoy, it's the smell of charred flesh. (laughs) Geddit? Toasting people? Ha!
BARNEY : Look, that's all very well, but there must be a reason why you've suddenly popped into existence next to me; all wide-eyed and white of attire!
WYVERN : I've come to give you some advice. I'm quite good at giving advice. I once gave some advice to Pattie Anne, but she never heeded it. No, she didn't. Nice lady, though.
BARNEY : Oh, advice. Right. Well, off you go then.
WYVERN : (dejected) But I haven't given you your advice yet.
BARNEY : No, I mean 'off you go then' in relation to giving my my advice. You know, you look rather like a monk in those white robes.
WYVERN : I'm an ex-monk. Rather like someone else around here. Anyway, my advice to you, regardless of whether you want it or not, is quite simply - and I do mean simply, my friend - Don't let the AOL Collective cover you in Chocolate. I did. Once. Couldn't get it out of hard-to-reach places for months. Madgoth & Miss Zygon offered to help, using their tongues. I blushed. However, I do recall Whodude and The Cheshire Cat giggling in a corner about it somewhere. Hmmm. By the way, have you seen an ex-marine about the place? Tony or Louis or Doctor4 or something. He owes me a hornpipe. Ahem. Goodbye!! (he vanishes)
BARNEY : (searching his pockets) Now, where's those tablets the Doctor gave me?!
WYVERN : (a disembodied voice) Doctor? Doctor Who?!
BARNEY : (smiling) Exactly.

By BarnaByGodItIsMe! xx

By Barnaby on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 - 12:24 pm:

WYVERN : (re-appearing) Do you know what, Barnaby?
BARNEY : (dropping tablets) Oh, it's you again.
WYVERN : Of course it's me. (pauses and pats himself all over) At least I think it's me. I could be someone else. I frequently am. I was Sherlock Holmes once. Yes. Never did see John Cleese & Arthur Lowe's version again. Hope I will soon, though. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a piece of my mind.
BARNEY : Can you spare one?
WYVERN : Oh yes, I have plenty. It comes with age, you know. And so do I still. Just because I'm old, doesn't mean I can't shag on the TV, or something. (scratches his head) That doesn't sound right. Hmmm.
BARNEY : The piece of your mind?
WYVERN : Yes. The piece of my mind. Well, if you're going to write a big, fat, juicy script involving people from this Forum, then you shouldn't forget Stumpycat and Mouser. Nor RuthKub, either.
BARNEY : I didn't. You did.
WYVERN : Me?! ME?! How could I forget them?!
BARNEY : Well, perhaps you've given away too many pieces of your mind?
WYVERN : You could be right. I'll have to go and re-discover my brain. Not that I ever lost it. I remember putting it down somewhere when I was in New Orleans, playing jazz with some black people who were trying to put on The Importance Of Being Earnest. I think I left it in a handbag. Yes.
BARNEY : Good luck.
WYVERN : Thank you.
BARNEY : I hope I'm not being too childish to say I believe in ghosts, Wyvern. I believe in you, especially.
WYVERN : Well, as I once said in a past life, what's the point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes? Hmmm?! Bye, bye!! (he vanishes)
BARNEY : (shivering) It's getting chilly here. Now, where's my scarf?
WYVERN : (disembodied voice) I expect Begonia Pope is still knitting it! (laughs for eternity)

By BarnaByGumIt'sStillMe xx

And I solemly promise to give up swearing, smoking, wine, women and song ... if those pesky Forum Posters will just leave me alone!

What's this for? Telemarketing! I don't need work THAT bad.

"Wake up Tom the cat has your teeth again."

Much like Tom Baker's car, dark red, but not sure if year is the same.

all suggestions 'moore' or less considered

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