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Somehow over the years I've become (if somewhat reluctantly) a collector of Dr Who art.

Most of the following are from the fans (God love you all) though a few are from professional artists.

What they have in common is all are a constant source of joy and delight to me.

Now for the first one, a little something from commercial artist, Andrew Skilleter, and in my humble opinion, would make nothing less than a superb screen saver. :-} See if you don't agree.

Entry two and three will look familiar.

They are the two that lead you here.

The one on the left was drawn by: ???

And the one on the right was drawn by: ???

This next one is a little difficult to explain. What we have is an alternate universe where the Doctor is female. The rest I leave to your own conjecture. Though I do believe that is the spirit of me, over her shoulder, drooling over her sack of jelly babies. Drawn by a one Stephanie Linz. Gosh, she reminds me of someone, but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

The next two are from a wonderful fan by the name of Tiny Ryan. And at present they are hanging in my home. If anyone is even remotely interested; I prefer the first one; my web mistress, the second one. Anyone doubt who deals more in reality?

Sometimes I am very ...

very, very, very

... impressed, (sounding a bit like K9 just now?) by just how good you fans really are, regarding your artistic talents. The following is an excellent case in point. As you can see by the comparison, William Keith captured the essence of my character almost exactly!

Next up, a cartoon taken from Marvel Comic's first Doctor Who issue. It was drawn by Ron Zalme.

This next little work of art is very, very unusual; and always a treat. Sort of a hidden pictures drawing. Can you find all seven of us? Of course Mr Sherlock made me the cactus, something to do with "Meglos," I suppose.

A one Mr C. R. "Bob" Hobbs was responsible for this next one. Thanks Bob!

The man responsible for this one is a Mr Dicks. (Illustrating here a little known side of the Daleks depravity.)