Other Time Lords

Other Time Lords

From All Of Time And Space

(And Imaginings)

1. Willy Wonka (ala Gene Wilder) -- from the feature film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


His eccentricity

His TARDIS -- The flying glass elevator

His manner of dress including a chocolate hat and boots that didn't melt (60 degree body temp?)

His flute

His multi-lingual-ness

His caring for less aggressive creatures (The Oompa Loompas)

2. Count Carlos Marie vanChenza Roguespear Manzeppi (ala Victor Buono) from the TV Series The Wild Wild West


His TARDIS -- A hot air baloon and his doorway through apparently solid walls

His eccentricities

His human cronies were called ... The Eccentrics

His intimate knowledge of the Past, Present, and Future

His devices (television ring) (gold transmuting toy chicken) etc.

3. H.(erbert) G.(eorge) Wells -- 19th century writer


His vast storehouse of knowledge of the Time(s) after his own Victorian times.

His Victorian dress

His Time machine (almost identical to the Keeper of Traken's)

His CD Roms!!!

4. My kids say ... their mommie!


Far ... Far ... too many reasons to go into here. Just trust me on this one! Although when I first introduced youngest son Russ to the good doctor he turned to middle son Chris and said: "Who's the English dude (Doc #4) dressed up ... and acting up ... just like Mom?"

Well ... it's only a beginning!

So ... help me out here, already!

According to Whovian Mike Teague:

5. Captain Bird's Eye from the TV Series of the same name


His change of appearance -- much younger.

His very different personality.

According to Whovian James Ambuehl:

6. Moorcock's Elric


His trip to war torn Viet Nam.

His partner (like the Doc's Frobishier) took the form of an M-16.

According to Whovian Edward Wetterstrom:

7. Star Trek's "Q"


They have the Arrogance of Time Lords.

They have an infinate gift for pretention.

They meddle even though they are not supposed to ... and sometimes (like the Master) just for their own GOOD.

Though they don't seem to need TARDIS'es ... perhaps it is just because they have evolved beyond the need of them. Next Generation Time Lords?

According to Whovian Lone Wolf:

8. Santa Clause --- (Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas Everyone)


He "stops time" to make it completely around the world in one night.

Reindeers fly? Just a living element of his TARDIS.

He can be at all the Malls (and all the other personal appearances) at the same time because those are just earlier regenerations.

Or maybe he jumps in his trusty TARDIS and flits around to all the different places.

Just like the Doctor, he is always good, and is always being nice to people.

According to Whovian Holly Esch:

9. Madonna!!!


Okay, okay, I know. But love her or hate her, I think she's a Time Lord/Lady because of:

Her numerous regenerations.

Her quirky (ahem!) dress sense.

The lyrics to her song "Ray of Light" (it could be any Time Lady's theme song).

She traveled back in time for the movies "Shanghai Surprise" and "Evita."

She visited an alternate reality in "Dick Tracy."

She's always switching her companions!!!

Even if she hasn't conquered time travel yet, I'm sure it's in the cards.

According to Whovian Rufus T. Firefly:

10. Jackie Chan


In "Operation Condor," starring an unusually long scarf

In "Armour of the Gods," constantly popping candies

In "WHO Am I?" shouting "WHOOOOOAMMMIIII!!!"

Both Chan and Doc #3 known to apologize to fallen foes after beating the heck out of them.

In "Supercop," he even had a female sidekick, who complained a lot!

According to Whovian Susie Remus:

11. Mommies


Mommies have learned to manipulate Time and Space to be at the right place at the right time ... eventhough their vehicles are sometimes unreliable.

Mommies seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing what is about to happen.

Mommies seem to know when something is afoot -- even when they are in another room!

Mommies seem to have the ability to salvage what seems like hopeless situations.

Mommies are useful in settling disputes between rival factions ... even those that would cross a Rabbi's eyes.

Mommies' vans ARE bigger on the inside ... how else could you explain a first aid kit ... munchies ... puzles and games ... yo-yo's, sonic screwdrivers ... two baby car seats ... wipers ... roll of paper towels ... seven stuffed animals ... three travel pillows ... two blankets ... and still room for seven cub scouts and all their stuff for a week-end outting.

Mommies vans also have a viewing window, just like the TARDIS, so you can see what's outside before venturing forth!

Mommies travel back in time, when they tell stories, and pull out old records to listen to or picture albums to look at.

Mommies wear out-of-date fashions.

Mommies sometimes "regenerate" with hair tints ... face-lifts ... weight changes ... etc.

According to Whovian Steve Day:

12. Mary Poppins


She has an ability to read minds (as shown by the Eighth Doctor)

A transcendental hand bag

Obviously her Umbrella is some form of TARDIS

So much mystery about her past.

According to Whovian Stumpycat:

13. Her Fourth Grade School Teacher -- living somewhere in America


She is highly gifted in advanced mathmatics andconstantly gave her class mind-bending logic problemswhich she found "fun".(#7)

She has an oddly profound knowledge of everything, even the most trivial ofsubjects, and is a very engaging person to talk with.(#4)

She has an odd sense of humor. (#11)

Her room is decorated with disney and MickeyMouse-related memorabilia. She also enjoys wearing Mickey Mouse related items.

Her book bag is adorned with non other than the face of Einstein.

She believes that in her past life she was an Indian(as she has some Indian lineage).

Eccentric dress includes the frequent wearing of acoat(she has many) which she has made out of colorfulindian blankets and rugs, even in the warmer months.(#6)

Physically, she was pretty when I knew her, in her later 40's, andhad nicely graying hair and very active.(#3)

She appears to own two TARDISes. The first one is hertransdimensional car, disguised as an old towncar. Ihave made many a journey to the car, fetching largeboxes full of her supplies and gadgets which she hadabsent-mindedly forgotten to bring withher--questioning how she could ever fit all that junkinto a car already so cluttered with odds and ends.

The second one is her house. She often rambled onabout how the geometry of her house was quite strangeand how her guests were always astounded at the factthat a house which looked of average size on theoutside could possibly seem so large on the inside,with multiple levels and such a confusing andstrangely laid labrinyth of floor plans on the inside.

And best of all ... she went back to school in order to finish up her education for a few PhD degrees, so now she really IS referred to as "Doctor"!

According to Whovian Meteo A.

14. Meteo Archon

Why ???

1: He has observed much.
2: He has a Sense that goes beyond linear time
3: His Dress Sense goes beyond one particular period in history
4: He has bizarre utilizations of expressions, meldings, revisions, and parallels of such
5: He reacts strangely and energeticly
6: knows obscure factoids about history
7: Is unwilling to have History tampered with, due to his witnessing accelerated technological development, and lunatic "heroes" in an alternate 2151
8: Has a Tardis, he got from some cheerful guy at some piers, a Type 90 TTC, which he leaves the Chameleon Circuit on in the shape of a black and white-etching and striped pattern slab of marble, with a red-and brown carpeted, boxy Console Room with an efficient 2002 Model Console, a couch, some golden-framed pictures, and desktop and laptop computers on each side.
9: Has a grasp of many bits of the 5-11th dimensions, and a tremendous grasp of the fourth.
10: Has Regenerated, and occasionally brings up old acquaintances ("Like getting a clean, charged sensation, and feeling mostly the same, with some occasional new mind tidbits, and operating from the POV of someone else, all seemingly normal as any other day.")

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