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Welcome To Page Four

This next one is from Peter Haining's "The Doctor Who File," page ii by Lucinda Kitzelmann.

I know who this one belongs to and where it is from. It is by a Mr. Todd F. Marsh of and for The Doctor Who Role Playing Game Box Cover, 1985. Aren't you proud of me?

These third and fourth ones are from a Dr Who Poster from a one Ben... Bat... somebody. Artists often make their names so hard to read. Can anyone in CyberSpace help me out?

Next up, a seven doctors cartoon by Dicky Howett from 1987. Enjoy!

This time ... a very unusual painting from the collection of Christoph Micklon artist unknown. Truely one of a kind. Don't have to tell you to enjoy this find!

This one from fan Sarah Morgan. Don't you just love the eyes? Intense, mysterious, pixishly wicked, fathomless.

This one belongs to Jane Fancher. Photoprint #27 of 50. Just recently sold at eBay.

This one is from mouser ... enjoy ... i sure have.

This one is from a Dr Who Model Kit, by Comet Minatures, 30th Anniversary 1963-1993 edition. Don't you just adore the Doctor's expression? Alien, mysterious, yet kind.

And a cartoon Barnaby found from "Underworld."

This picture is from a 'SFX' magazine article. It was a feature on DVD Commentaries. They were complaining about DVD commentaries that are dull, tired, and boring. Then they showed what one really should be like ...

This TIME a drawing of Tom Baker from a cover of a children's magazine.

This one is from MERCY ... know you will enjoy it.

To finish things off, a cartoon, not of Tom Baker, but of his faithful companion K9, by artist Amy Lambart, 1991, autographed by John Leeson; and more about this cartoon ... need not be said.

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