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Next up, a cartoon taken from Marvel Comic's first Doctor Who issue. It was drawn by Ron Zalme.

This next little work of art is very, very unusual; and always a treat. Sort of a hidden pictures drawing. Can you find all seven of the Doctors? Of course Mr. Sherlock made Tom the cactus, something to do with "Meglos," I would guess.

A one Mr. C. R. Hobbs was responsible for this next one. Thanks Bob!

The man who did this one is a Mr. Dicks. (Illustrating here a little known side of the Daleks depravity.)

Next up ... a little ditty by Vader. He also has a nifty screen saver at:

Though I own several personnae-graphs (the multi-personna pictures) there is something so very appealing in this next one. So, hats off, and heads up Doctors, to Mr. Criswell for his 1987 rendition.

This next one is also from the first Marvel Dr Who Comic, the back cover actually. Quite an interesting little day dream sequence ech?

I like this particular 1982 cover because it illustrates so very well how Tom wanted his portrayal of his particular personna of the Doctor to come across. Someone, with an endless supply of wonder, and a special sense of surprise. So, behold, the Doctor, eternal ... perpetual ... child. Superbly done by Gail S. Bennett.

Next: Lisa Hamner-O'Neill's contribution. And really, really, really LIKE this one and have modified it to use here and there on this Fan Site. (Sure HOPE SHE isn't MAD at me. Well ... TIME will tell.)

This Next One is from a lady by the name of Maggie Green. Don't know know much about her, but she sure draws the Tom/Doc good!

This One is from A. Russell (Watcher).

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