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Welcome To Page Two

Behold, the first one, and a little something from commercial artist, Andrew Skilleter, and in my humble opinion, would make nothing less than a superb screen saver. :-} See if you don't agree.

Sure hope entry two looks familiar to someone ... anyone! ... for I have no idea.

Lost the artist's name from keeping such horrific notes.

So ... it was drawn by:???

Best I can do for now.

"Soooo sorry, K9."

This third one is a caricature ... expertly drawn by Iian Neill artist extraodinaire and all around nice guy.

This next one is a little difficult to explain. What we have here is an alternate universe where the Doctor is female. The rest I leave to your own conjecture. Though I do believe that is the spirit of the fourth Doctor, over her shoulder, drooling over her sack of jelly babies (orange ones included Doc -- tee hee). Drawn by a one Stephanie Linz. Gosh, this Doctor reminds me of somebody ... but I just can't quite put my finger on WHO. Ha!

The next two are from a fan by the name of Tiny Ryan. For a long TIME they hung in Tom's home in Kent. If anyone is even remotely interested; he prefers the second one; me, the first. Anyone doubt who of the two of us deals less in reality?

Sometimes I am ..

very, very, very

... impressed ...

(sounding a bit like K9 just now?)

by just how good you fans are, regarding your artistic talents. The following is an excellent case in point. As you can see by the comparison ...

William Keith captured the essence of Tom's character almost exactly!

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