The Physics of Doctor Who IV

The Physics of Doctor Who IV

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Chronic Hysteresis: techo-babble ---- "Meglos"

Communication Over A Distance: (Einstein) ---- "Ark In Space"

Dwarf Star Alloy: techo-babble ---- "Warrior's Gate"

Entropy increases -- The Second Law of Thermodynamics ---- "Logopolis"

Moving Faster Than The Speed Of Light: (The theory of Tachyons) ---- "Shada"

Theory of Number Strings: "The essence of matter is structure, and the essence of structure is Mathematics." ---- "Logopolis"

Transdimentional Engineering: techo-babble ---- "Robots of Death" -- The Doctor tries to explain to Leela how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the out; with a set of blocks.

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A very special thanks to Urac Ratbat Sigma for his animated TARDIS.