Tom Baker -- "The Boy Who Kicked Pigs" -- drawings from the book

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
written by: Tom Baker
illustrated by: David Roberts

"yeowl" = warning:
all three photos above © 1999 by: Faber & Faber, Tom Baker &/or David Roberts.


and a big TA to peterDALEK for some of the cover photos from his vast collection!

midi this page: the pig ankle rag ... fitting?

Also available in
a Japanese Edition

a Dutch Edition

an Italian Edition

a Greek Edition

a Turkish Edition

a Chinese Edition

a Portuguese Edition

There was once thought to be a Spanish Edition, but its whereabout, if it ever did exist, is totally unknown, now. ???

And best pig kickin' news in awhile now ... the lil' pigs have gone BROADWAY!

Ah, actually gone Local Theatre, anyWHO.

For anyone wishing additional information of this up coming theatre production at the Lowry ...
here is their LINK. Break a leg folks!





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