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This page is my personal collection of Dr Who TOM BAKER photos. As there are many sites on the WWW dedicated to Dr Who episodes and not just Tom Baker's, I will not try to compete with them. Still, here are a few of places that I think are the best if you are looking for photos of your own that can't be found at this FANsite:

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Now, one 'moore' thing before we go to my collection:

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No copyright infringement is intended.

And finally ... enjoy!

During Tom Baker's seven year run as the good Doctor he must have been photographed thousands of times. The following are those which are my personal favourites. Hope they include some of which are yours too! Oh yes ... please click on the small photos to get to the larger (nicer) ones.

This first one was literally one of the first. I believe it sold more copies than any other 8X10.

This second one has also been used over and over again. The most recent use I know of was on the back of last year's (1996) Doctor Who Calendar.

This screen capture is from Tom Baker's "Face of Evil." No ... [snort] ... I did not say he has an evil face. Anyway, the Doctor had just met Leela, and asked her: "Would you like a jelly baby?" To which she, in a panic, replied: "They say The Evil One eats babies!" Of course, he went on to explain that they were merely sweets.

Next up the very popular "Talons of Weng-Chiang." And as far as most of us fans were concerned, "...Talons..." was the best one of Tom Baker's entire time as our favorite Time Lord. He once said he remembered enjoying playing the Doctor who was playing at Sherlock Holmes. I also seem to recall there was some discussion that Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) and Jago (Christopher Benjamin) would become occasional companions; with the Doctor dropping back in on them from time to time. I believe there was even some discussion about the duo spinning off into their own show. I think it would have been a splendid series, as the two of them seemed to work so well together during the filming of their episodes.

These next two are from the very popular, "The Invasion of Time." It seems that when ever they went to Gallifrey, they became very violent. But "...Invasion..." did have its lighter moments. This first screen capture is an example of one of them. Tom Baker is using an aside here, and is saying to the audience: "Even the sonic screwdriver won't get me out of this one." But what I liked best about it was, the Doctor got to be the President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey!

(-:| Well, I was impressed!!! |:-)

These next two are publicity stills; and two of my very favorite as they both illustrate the type personality Tom Baker so wanted his Doctor to have. Fun loving ... childlike ... spontaneous ... inquisitive. The second one also is a perfect example of what I so like about The Internet. Its permanence. Through it (The Net) and with a little help from Tom Baker's other on-line friends, he just may live forever. Electronically anyWHO. Photographs can be damaged (as this one was) or completely destroyed due to a variety of factors. Even film as permanent as it appears on the surface, deteriorates over time; or can be lost forever, sadly, as some of the Doctor Who episodes have been. As for scenery and props ... there was a terrible fire just recently at Longleat Museum, and K9 was not the only Doctor Who casualty. On an even earlier occasion they lost the Edwardian Console Room set due to the warping of its wooden components over their summer break, while the panels were in temporary storage. But this Electronic Super Highway is safe from all such nonsense. And it is ... everywhere ... literally. And the possibility of Tom Baker ever disappearing completely from it ... well, it seems to me, to be a very slim likelihood, indeed. So I for one am very grateful for the technology that has made all this possible. But enough of my little sermon. Back to the photographs.

I have been told Tom Baker almost always laughs whenever he looks at this particular photo. Back when they filmed "Leisure Hive," he was young then, and the special effects department gave him an appearance of great age (which he enjoyed playing at). Do you think if we looked up those same make-up people, today, they could somehow reverse the process? Ah, now that Time has reversed him!

... [Big Sigh] ...

(Well, it was just a passing thought.)

These next ones are from my most favourite episode of all time: "The Deadly Assassin." Just click on the smiling doctor to get to this one (as well as to the rest). And isn't Tom Baker especially delightful (not to mention delicious) in his peasant shirt and cranberry knickers?

This final one is from Tom Baker's last season ... "Logopolis," actually ... and my very personal favourite. I think you will quickly see just why.

And here are the promised LINKS to all of Tom's Episodes:

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16) The Robots of Death

17) The Talons of Weng-Chiang

18) The Horror of Fang Rock

19 The Invisible Enemy

20) The Image of the Fendal

21) The Sunmakers

22) Underworld

23) The Invasion of TIME

24) The Ribos Operation

25) The Pirate Planet

26) The Stones of Blood

27) The Androids of Tara

28) The Power of Kroll

29) The Armageddon Factor

30) The Destiny of the Daleks

31) The City of Death

32) The Creature From The Pit

33) The Nightmare of Eden

34) The Horns of Nimon

35) Shada

36) Leisure Hive

37) Meglos

38) Full Circle

39) State of Decay

40) Warrior's Gate

41) The Keeper of Traken

42) Logopolis

43) Promo Shots

44) Sets

Hope you have enjoyed these photos

... I know I did ... sharing them with all of you.

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