"Dr Who" Tom/Doc WAVE Files [Sound]

The Sounds Of

Tom Baker's Doctor Who

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Hello there!
(City of Death, 10Kb)

Oh, hello.
(Pyramids of Mars, 12Kb)

Would you like a Jellybaby? (1st version)
(Robot, 16Kb)

Would you like a Jellybaby? (2nd version)
(Robot, 15Kb)

Would you like a Jellybaby?
(Image of the Fendahl, 17Kb)

Would you care for a Jellybaby?
(The Sunmakers, 15Kb)

Would you like a Jellyba . . . (Laughs) . . . no, I don't suppose you would.
(Image of the Fendahl, 57Kb)

Isn't it wonderful to feel needed.
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 16Kb)

No, I don't think so somehow.
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 17Kb)

Before you do anything rash, like pressing another button, may I make an alternative suggestion?
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 49Kb)

Oh, really?
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 11Kb)

Well I'm impressed.
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 14Kb)

(Alarms sounding) Is that finger loaded?
(The Android Invasion, 46Kb) {And one of Tom Baker's Favourite Lines From The Series}

No. Impossible. I'm fully booked for the next two centuries.
(The Seeds of Doom, 35Kb)

Some of my best friends are humans.
(The Invisible Enemy, 15Kb)

That's the trouble with computers. No IMAGINATION!!!
(The Invisible Enemy, 33Kb)

How very quaint.
(Image of the Fendahl, 11Kb)

You're guards are entirely charming, and so attentive.
(The Sunmakers, 28Kb)

Even the sonic screwdriver won't get me out of this one.
(The Invasion of Time, 23Kb)

Just don't talk about it, K9. Do it.
(The Stones of Blood, 24Kb)

Just a minute!!!
(The Stones of Blood, 12Kb)

Good dog!
(The Stones of Blood, 8Kb)

Uhh (Clears his throat), you're standing on my scarf.
(The Androids of Tara, 22Kb)

Look, I don't like to say 'I told you so,' but I told you so.
(The Androids of Tara, 39Kb)

Oh, what? Have we arrived? Oh, good. Where?
(The Androids of Tara, 22Kb)

Thank you very much.
(The Creature from the Pit, 9Kb)

(The Creature from the Pit, 8Kb)

Something wrong?
(The Leisure Hive, 14Kb)

(The Leisure Hive, 8Kb)

Well ... yes.
(The Leisure Hive, 10Kb)

Yes, there you are. So sorry.
(The Leisure Hive, 13Kb)

All right.
(The Leisure Hive, 8Kb)

(To K9) Yeah, you never @$!%!#*&!!! know the answer when it's important!
(Outtake from Season 16, 27Kb)

(The Masque of Mandragora, 5Kb)

Ah, I see.
(The Stones of Blood, 11Kb)

Ah! Found it!
(Pyramids of Mars, 19Kb)

Uhhh. Ohhh! I see.
(The Stones of Blood, 28Kb)

What? But, why?
((The Stones of Blood, 17Kb)

Ahhhhh hah. Hah hah! Goody.
(The Androids of Tara, 64Kb)

(The Androids of Tara, 5Kb)

Ahhhh aaaah!
(City of Death, 27Kb)

There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.
(Robot, 33Kb)

The trouble with computers, of course, is that they're very sophisticated idiots.
(Robot, 48Kb)

How about a little trip in the TARDIS? I'm just off.
(Robot, 24Kb)

Oh yes.
(The Masque of Mandragora, 10Kb)

Yes! Yes!
(The Invisible Enemy, 65Kb)

Yes! [arrogant]
(Pyramids of Mars, 13Kb)

Yes! [annoyed]
(Pyramids of Mars, 13Kb)

Yes! [happy]
(Pyramids of Mars, 9Kb)

Yes! [satisfied]
(Pyramids of Mars, 10Kb)

Yes![very satisfied]
(Pyramids of Mars, 10Kb)

(Pyramids of Mars, 13Kb)

Yes. [annoyed]
(Pyramids of Mars, 10Kb)

Yes! [pleased]
(Pyramids of Mars, 13Kb)

You're right, yes.
(Pyramids of Mars, 12Kb)

(Robot, 5Kb)

Yes, it is good.
(The Masque of Mandragora, 14Kb)

Yes, oh yes.
((Pyramids of Mars, 13Kb))

Oh yes . . . . . . oh no!
(Revenge of the Cybermen, 19Kb)

(energy beam sizzles the Doctor) Ahh! YES! YES ! ! !
( Pyramids of Mars 36Kb)

(Revenge of the Cybermen, 6Kb)

Goodbye! It's good isn't it. Hmm?
(More Than 30 Years In the TARDIS, 8Kb)

It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for . . .
(Logopolis, 55Kb)

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