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'Strange' stars Richard Coyle as John Strange, a defrocked priest who left the church after he became
a suspect in a series of brutal murders, including the death of his girlfriend. Strange is convinced that demons were behind
the killings, but nobody believes him. The police are forced to let him go to lack of sufficient evidence, but the police are 
keeping an eye on him. Strange sets out on a mission to locate the demons and prove his innocence. He is joined in his 
quest for the truth by Jude Atkins (Samantha Janus), a nurse whose former partner was a demon and whose son may
have demon genes as well. Strange meets constant opposition from Canon Adolphus Black (Ian Richardson), who rejects
his claims that demons are present in England. Canon Black is a mysterious and rather sinister character who may know
more than he is letting on. The pilot episode was broadcast on BBC1 on 9 March 2002, and the first (and only season)
was broadcast between 31 May and 5 July 2003.

"Asmoth" was the seventh and final episode of the series, and features Tom Baker as Father Bernard, a blind priest and
a close friend of Strange who knows from personal experience that demons are real. Strange reveals to Jude that a demon
had clawed out Bernard's eyes to prevent him from recognising it again. The police suspect Strange when human bones
are discovered in a locker at a local swimming pool. A demon is suspected when it is revealed that the bones had been 
gnawed. Father Benard is convinced that they are dealing with Asmoth, a demon that devours its victims alive. However, 
Father Bernard is attacked at the monastery, and Strange finds that he may be faced with a killer who is all too human.

Father Bernard: Dreams can have many meanings. I myself have spent entire nights in the arms of Sophia Loren,
  which is quite ridiculous. I wouldn't give her a second look in real life.

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