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Tom Baker: A Bakerís Dozen Theatre Reviews


A Boat In The Back Yard

"Tom Baker plays the strange brooding old man with the boat-dream who makes strange observations on humanity, life and living and has some keen flashes of humour."


The Strongbox

"Tom Baker as the photographer has a prodigious part and his antics, his florid speech, his foppish and extravagant mannerisms are a joy to watch."


Hay Fever

"What a fine voice this man has!"


Arden of Faversham

"Tom Baker and Bill Greaves, the hired assassins, are most amusing and do not spare themselves even physically In some real knock-about comedy."


Late Night Lowther

"Mr. Baker demonstrated a genuine flair for visual as well as verbal comedy. His take-off of a talking dog was a minor masterpiece in Itself."


A Woman Killed With Kindness

"Tom Baker makes a very fine villain of Sir Francis Acton."


The Novelist

"Tom Baker as the Intruder evokes a corrupt three year dirty Mediterranean weekend with some flair..."



"Tom Baker's Macbeth goes through psychopathic transformations from cringing weakness to a violent fierceness which shakes his own frame."


Feasting With Panthers

"Tom Baker scores impressively with his masterly portrayal of Oscar Wilde ... a magical performance."


Treasure Island

"Those beaming parakeet features and huge popping eyes switch instantaneously from wrath to obsequious leers ...It is a charming and funny performance."


Hedda Gabler

"The really powerful performance Is Tom Baker's Brack:

not the usual urbane domestic schemer but an undisguised predator who stalks her with un-winking eyes, leaves dangerous questions hovering In the air, and signals his successes with mirthless flashes of shark-like teeth."


Educating Rita

"[Tom Baker] times his lines with the skill of a variety comedian, from the dry and wry to the exuberant."


The Mask of Moriarty

"Tom Baker is totally convincing and must be a sheer delight to Holmes' fans."

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