The New FRANCE Digs

From Quiet Little Countryside UK To Quiet Little Countryside FR

"Our house has been very beautifully restored by Sue. We have a courtyard and a long patio and a studio which is huge. So that's wonderful, but of course, I'm often lonely because there's no-one there except her, and she can't be with me all the time.

Five Bedrooms. [Perhaps one for each cat?]


Photos in and around Lanta, France. Toulouse is in the south of France, almost in northern Spain. And Lanta being south and east of Toulouse, is even closer.

On the road from Toulouse to Lanta. What beautiful country!

Well, they obviously are proud of their water tower. Lanta, France is located at 43.5667 [latitude in decimal degrees], 1.66667 [longitude in decimal degrees] at an elevation/altitude of meters. The average elevation of Lanta, France is 222 meters.

A Local Happening. Population: 1373

And, something from the history of Lanta.

UPDATE: Tom and Sue have this home on the market along with their cottage in England.

And they are moving back HOME!

Photos of their place in Lanta can be seen on the Official Tom Baker Website here ...... and here .

So nothing 'moore' need be said on this particular page now. Except to shout! 'toot-a-lou' toulouse.

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